We Laugh. We Learn. We Grow. We Play Turns One!

Here we are, one year later!

We’ve been honoured to play host for hundreds of birthday’s over the past year, and come March 10, we’ll finally be able to celebrate our own. We Play Kids is turning 1!


To the owner and many of our staff, We Play Kids feels more like a busy 3 year old. The brainchild of our owner and founder, Jody Wiebe, was formed in 2016. Returning home after living abroad with her own young family, Jody realized the need for sensory play and awareness in our local community. As a professional Physiotherapist for over 10 years, and with training and a passion for sensory development, Jody created We Play from the ground up.

Jody’s goal was to create an inclusive space where children of all ability can play together, and where families can connect and grow.

Core Values

Since the Grand Opening on March 10, 2018, We Play Kids has introduced private, school and therapy programming, private Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, and plenty of hours for Drop-In Play, Sensory Sensitive and Members.


We have a lot to celebrate, and a lot of you to celebrate with! Thank you to everyone who’s supported our small business over the past year. Our members, our birthday party hosts, our regulars. Thank you to our community who visit us for play dates, and to our Alder Crossing neighbours for their continued support.

We will be hosting a 1 year party on Sunday, March 10 from 10-5pm. Admission is 2 for $22 which will include special crafts, games, face paints and party surprises! We look forward to seeing many of you out!