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We Play Kids Gym is South Surrey’s ONLY indoor sensory play gym for ALL children, PLUS a pediatric therapy centre with therapist supporting Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy.

Teachers, EA’s and Support Workers, we offer programming for your student’s as well!  For Daycare through Elementary Aged Groups, check out our Field Trip options, and for EA’s and Support Workers, bring your child during the sensory exploration hours.

What is We Play

We Play is a sensory friendly indoor gym and play space in Surrey for children of ALL abilities.

We are a safe and inclusive environment for children to play, learn, socialize, and have fun! We believe children with and without special needs can grow and learn together. Fostering individual differences, and bringing children and families together is the heart of We Play.

What does ‘SENSORY FRIENDLY’ mean?

This means that our gym and play equipment has been specially designed to provide multiple and varied opportunities for sensory input and processing. Safety is our main priority, and we have done our best to limit loud, obtrusive noises. We have also created a calming “Chill” area to help with relaxation if the sensory input becomes a bit much.


Sensory processing is how the brain and nervous system integrate and respond to sensory signals from the environment. Signals are received through a person’s senses (touch, sight, taste, smell, sound), then processed by the nervous system and organized into appropriate responses. A simple example is touching something hot and pulling your hand away quickly.

Those that have sensory processing challenges may perceive sensory information differently, and their nervous system may have difficulty organizing the appropriate behavioural response. For example; a light may seem more dull than typically perceived, a sound may be much louder than typically expected, or a t-shirt may seem scratchier than normal. As a result of these sensory inputs, the behavioural response of the individual may seem “unexpected” for the current situation.

Most of us have had moments or periods of sensory processing difficulties, however, some individuals are affected on a broader scale that may affect their daily living.