Meet our therapy gym's team of pediatric therapists.  Each We Play therapist shares a love for children, an appreciation for family-centered care, and an open approach for collaborating with our team as well as Support Workers, EA's and other professionals working with our families.

To find out more about what each therapist supports, check out the information on We Play's Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy.

Surrey Pediatric Occupational Therapist


Pratibha Umrariya has been practicing Occupational Therapy since 2007. She has worked in India and Sri Lanka and has experience working within the community, the private sector, as well as special and integrated schools. She has worked previously as an Occupational Therapy trainer of trainers, consultant and lecturer for the World Health Organization for three years in Colombo, Sri Lanka and spearheaded projects to improve Occupational Therapy services. Pratibha has richly diverse experience working with clients aged between 6 months to 19 years old. Her passion is client and family-centred care and promoting maximum community integration and independence as a child grows. She has worked with clients with a wide variety of childhood disorders and conditions including but not limited to: Autism, Sensory Integrative Dysfunction/Sensory Processing Disorder, Angelman Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophies, Down Syndrome, Learning Disability, ADHD and Epilepsy. Pratibha has a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy (Orthopedics) and has completed courses in Handwriting Without Tears, Integrated Listening Systems, The Alert Program and The Greenspan Floortime Approach. She is registered with the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia and is a member of the The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists- British Columbia. Pratibha is interested in continued professional development and is an avid reader. In her spare time, she enjoys finding Occupational Therapy resources and shopping for books. Surrey Pediatric Occupational Therapist


Katie Metz completed her Occupational Therapy Master of Science (MScOT) program at the University of Alberta. In her graduate work, she focused on the study of creative arts interventions to address social-emotional learning and mental health promotion for children and youth. During this time, she also volunteered teaching yoga to children and adults. Katie has also taken over 450 hours of yoga teacher training and taught hundreds kid’s yoga classes in the Surrey School District. Through studying and teaching yoga, she has realized the value of mindful activity in advancing children’s coping abilities and self-awareness. During her OT degree, Katie completed fieldwork at the Alberta Children’s Hospital outpatient therapy services. It was here that she gained experience offering sensory and fine motor assessment and intervention. She came to deeply value both family-centered practice and taking a strengths-based approach to pediatric therapy. In her current practice, Katie deeply values collaborating with families to identify strategies that can help children learn and grow in everyday life. Katie has completed the following continuing education courses: Trauma Informed Care, Cutting Edge Strategies to Improve Executive Function Skills, Handwriting without Tears, Social Thinking, Building Blocks to Sensory Integration, and Childhood Autism Spectrum Disorders- Best Occupational Therapy Practice. She is excited to have a career that celebrates and encourages ongoing learning and skill development.


Jody graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioural Neuroscience in 2006, and a Master of Physical Therapy in 2008 from the University of British Columbia. Prior to opening We Play Kids, she spent many years working with the adult and child population in a private practice setting. She has a strong background in orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries, pelvic floor, sport injuries, and developmental pediatrics. In addition to musculoskeletal/orthopedic focused post graduate training, Jody has completed courses in the following areas: Pediatric Toe Walking (equinus gait), Dynamic Core & Movement, Social Thinking, The Greenspan Floortime Approach, and Orthotics Training through the Cascade DAFO Institute. She is looking forward to upcoming Seminars on Neurokinetic Therapy as well as Plagiocephaly & Torticollis this Spring 2019.

Through personal and professional interest Jody transitioned solely to the area of Pediatrics. While living abroad with her family, she was exposed to community resources she found highly valuable as a parent and a professional. Upon her return to British Columbia, she founded We Play Kids with the goal to create an inclusive space for children and families to enjoy, be connected, and be supported through growth and development. Jody’s passion is helping children gain physical confidence to maximize participation in their environment. With a child and family centred approach, Jody believes that Physiotherapy goals and other developmental support services should be fun, engaging, and integrated into daily life.

Outside of We Play Kids, and Physiotherapy, Jody enjoys an active lifestyle biking, swimming, and beach time with her family. This Winter she is excited to introduce skiing to her two young sons.

Lynn Rogers

-Currently on Leave-
Lynn graduated from UBC with a combined physiotherapy and occupational therapy degree. She has been practicing physiotherapy for over 35 years in pediatrics in a variety of settings in Canada and Australia. She worked for many years at BC’s Children’s Hospital with high risk and premature infants as well as children with a variety of medical and developmental conditions. Lynn has participated in research projects focusing on development in extremely premature infants at other children at risk for developmental problems. She has provided numerous related workshops and lectures to various professionals working in the area of developmental pediatrics as well as presenting this work at a number of international multidisciplinary conferences.

Lynn is currently a consulting physiotherapist for the Vancouver Infant Development Program as well as maintaining a private practice in pediatrics.

Although Lynn enjoys working with children of all ages, her particular areas of interest and expertise are infants and young children with developmental delays as well as older children and youth with coordination problems. She has extensive experience with administration of numerous standardized developmental tests that can provide knowledge and understanding of your child’s abilities and challenges and guide the creation of a therapy plan customized to your child’s needs and goals.

Lynn’s goal is always to work as a partner with families and other health care providers to enable children to enjoy developing and enhancing functional mobility skills, achieve their developmental motor goals and be the best they can be.

By using a variety of treatment techniques and equipment, children can learn new skills and develop confidence in a safe, supportive environment. The ultimate goal is to help the child develop the necessary motor skills to enjoy movement, be safe and have fun participating in motor activities with their family and peers.