Speech & Language Therapy

Consistent throughout our Therapy Team, our Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy program utilizes a child & family-centered play-based approach to provide individualized services for each child. Our SLP team provides services for the toddler, preschool, school-age, and adolescent age group.

Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy focuses on communicative disorders related to the following:
- Receptive and expressive language skills
- Auditory processing skills
- Pragmatic/social language
- Fluency of speech
- Speech production and articulation
- Voice quality
- Apraxia/Oral-Motor planning difficulties
- Cognitive communication

We are currently working on our Speech Therapy program and look forward to introducing it soon. Please contact us for updates on availability, or to be added to our Speech Therapy interest list.

Our unique Therapist-Led groups might be of interest for parent's looking to work on their child's social skill and teamwork.  Check out our current Therapist-Led Group classes.

(604) 385-2883

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