Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about what Sensory Processing is, about our gym space or the therapies we offer, or just about how to plan for your visit to We Play?  Check out the below FAQ’s to help answer your questions.

Couldn’t find an answer to your question here?  Give us a call at 604-385-2883, or send us an email at [email protected]!

We are a is a sensory friendly indoor gym and play space for children of ALL abilities. Our safe and inclusive environment was created to allow children with and without special needs to play, learn, socialize, and have fun together!
Sensory processing is how the brain and nervous system integrate and respond to sensory signals from the environment. Signals are received through a person’s senses (touch, sight, taste, smell, sound), then processed by the nervous system and organized into appropriate responses. A simple example is touching something hot and pulling your hand away quickly.

Those that have sensory processing challenges may perceive sensory information differently, and their nervous system may have difficulty organizing the appropriate behavioural response. For example; a light may seem duller than typically perceived, a sound may be much louder than typically expected, or a t-shirt may seem scratchier than normal. As a result of these sensory inputs, the behavioural response of the individual may seem “unexpected” for the current situation.

Most of us have had moments or periods of sensory processing difficulties, however, some individuals are affected on a broader scale that may affect their daily living.

This means that our gym and play equipment have been specially designed to provide multiple and varied opportunities for sensory input and processing. Safety is our main priority, and we have done our best to limit loud, obtrusive noises. We have also created a calming “Chill” area to help with relaxation if the sensory input becomes a bit much.
Most of us have had moments or periods of sensory processing difficulties, however, some individuals are affected on a broader scale that may affect their daily living. Our therapists would be happy to meet with you and your child for a free 15 minute consultation to help asses your child. Call us today to inquire at (604) 385-2883.
More than an indoor gym, more than a clinic.

We Play is the first mix therapy center and open play space within Western Canada, an amalgamation brought to life by our owner and founder – a loving mother and physiotherapist. Seeing the need for a ‘We Play’, she took it upon herself to create a nourishing space for her children and her community, a space where neighbours could get to know each other and where development, growth and understanding were all accomplished through simply having fun!

We Play offers pediatric Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.  
No, you can book in with any of our therapists without a referral.
No. We Play only offers pediatric therapy. 
Included with admission, your child can play among our 2000+ sq. ft. active gym space including a large ball pit, various swings and slides, large play structures, climbing wall, monkey bars and an imaginative play zone, as well as our special quiet and calming multisensory chill room and a creative arts and crafts space that offers paints, clay, water, sand, sensory bin play and more.
We accept cash, debit or credit. American Express is not currently accepted.
No, every child aged 16 or younger MUST be accompanied by a guardian of at least 19 years of age. The adult guardian must be present and observing the entire time the child is here.

Admission includes one guardian per paying child.

We recommend long pants/tights and long sleeves to prevent slide or floor burn. Grip socks or bare feet are mandatory for all the littles, and socks for all guardians. We also ask that guests not wear any clothing with rude or offensive graphics. 
We do keep a lost and found bin of little treasures that get turned in or possibly found among our 1200 ball pit balls!  Please give us a call at (604) 385-2883, or email us at [email protected] to inquire about your lost item.  We hope to help as best we can, but please remember that we are not responsible for any lost, missing or damaged items during your visit.
No, adults must wear socks.
If you or your child is sick, please come when you are feeling better! If you or your child has had flu symptoms or a contagious illness, please refrain from coming to play until symptoms have been clear for 48 hours. Out of respect for all guests, if management deems a guest to be too sick, they may be asked to leave. Please note that we clean & sanitize our facility daily as well as encourage hand washing & offer free hand sanitizer. Out of respect for our guests, We Play Staff will not inquire about presumed illnesses of our guests, unless under severe and obvious circumstances. Guests are asked to use their own discretion in regard to using our space. Refunds will not be issued for guests who become sick while playing or guests who are concerned about others using our space.
Please follow posted instructions or ask a representative for usage guidelines if you have any questions prior to use.
We ask that guests only use the slides to slide down and slide feet first.  This means, please no climbing up the slides or going arms/head first. 
No! We only ask that if you are in the process of potty training, you keep your child from the ball pit until you, and they, are confidently trained. 
We do ask that all guests be mindful of their language while at We Play, and will speak with guests who are using offensive language or gestures. We also ask that guests not wear clothing with rude or offensive graphics.

All children must wear grip socks or bare feet, and all adults must wear socks. 

Yes! Guests are welcome to bring in snacks and drinks with a few friendly requests! All food and drink must be kept within the Get Messy kitchen space.  Additionally, We Play is nut aware, meaning we ask that guests do not bring any food containing peanuts, nuts or nut by-products.
We Play is nut aware. This means that we ask that guests do not bring any food containing peanuts, nuts or nut by-products, but because guests can bring their own food, we can not guarantee to be peanut/nut free. 
We do ask children (and parents) to use their inside feet and try to refrain from running and rough housing out of respect and the safety of all other play guests. Additionally, we are pro-inclusivity and as such fighting or bullying will not be tolerated.  Guests who are playing in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave.
We get it, we’re parents too! Kids put everything other than food in their mouths! And, it’s all part of sensory development! If you child does decide to snack on our toys, please bring them to the wash bins located in the Get Messy art and lunch room for us to sanitize for you. 
No, stroller wheels roll through all sorts of questionable terrain! You can park your stroller though inside at our main entrance while you play.
No. We get that Spot was your first born, but we ask that all pets be left at home.
No, sorry! Chewing gum is not permitted, but feel free to enjoy some of our complimentary water!  
Members receive unlimited drop in play visits, member only hours, early bird registration, 10% off classes, programs and private events, two member only events per calendar year, a reduced sibling drop in rate, one friend or family pass per month, and a We Play swag bag! 
We are working to have our membership fees covered by certain funding sources if applicable.
We offer reduced rates for groups of 4+, or when you book an even larger group including schools and field trips. With bookings of 12 or more paying children, the facility will be reserved exclusively for your group.
No. We Play is privately owned with currently only our one location in South Surrey.
We ask that all guests be respectful of our Photography Policy: We love when families take photos and/or videos while using our space. However, in respect for all children and families using our facility, we ask that parents and guardians only video and photograph the children in their personal care. Every attempt should be made to avoid other patrons from being included in the background especially in content shared online. Thank you for your respect and consideration!